Guiding Instruments

The Engineers Registration Act (Cap 61:06) together with its regulations govern the operations of the Engineers Registration Board (ERB). We encourage all engineering professionals and the general public to familiarize themselves with the said statutes. These are available for purchase at the Government Bookshop. The Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics is also a guiding instrument for all engineering professionals.


ERB, through the Monitoring Department, monitors standards of engineering practice and conducts or authorises inquiries regarding any alleged misconduct. Specific responsibilities include:

  1. Development of monitoring strategy, work plans and budgets;
  2. Design of monitoring tools and process maps;
  3. Conducting monitoring and production of reports;
  4. Conducting or authorising inquiries regarding any alleged professional misconduct; and
  5. Implement caution or censure of engineer found guilty of improper conduct.

Continuous Professional Development

In its strive to uphold high standards of engineering the Engineers Registration Board has adopted a policy that requires registered engineering professionals to show that they are committed to learning and development throughout their engineering career by undertaking continuing professional development (CPD). This will ensure that engineering professionals keep their skills, knowledge and experience up to date in order to remain relevant in their field of practice and they record what they learn and use to carry out their job. The CPD policy and the CPD guidelines are available for download.