Job Summary:

The Risk Management Officer will work with the Kazungula Bridge Consultant-Joint Venture (KBC-JV) to advise the Supervising Engineer of any potential risks that may affect the timely completion, reputation, safety, security, budgetary constraints of the construction of the Kazungula Bridge Project. He/she is expected to provide a better assessment of the risk management policies and protocols in order to come up with policies and recommendations to avoid threats, reduce or transfer risks and/or mitigate the effects of those which are essentially unavoidable.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Plans, designs and implements an overall risk management process for the Kazungula Bridge Project (KBP);
  2. Conducts risk assessment, which involves analysing risks as well as identifying, describing and estimate the risks affecting the KBP;
  3. Prepares risk evaluation , which involves comparing estimated risks with criteria established by the KBC-JV such as costs, legal requirements and environmental factors and evaluating the organization’s ‘risk appetite’, i.e. the level of risk they are prepared to accept;
  4. Prepares risk reporting in an appropriate way for different audiences, for example, to the Joint Technical Committee, the Monthly Progress Meetings, the Kazungula Bridge Project Office and the Board of Management and other stakeholder , so they understand the most significant risks, to the Engineer, Contractor’s Project Manager  to ensure they are aware of risks relevant to their parts of the project and to individuals to understand their accountability for individual risks;
  5. Handles corporate governance involving external risk reporting to stakeholders;
  6. Carries out processes such as risks associated with implementing the health and safety measures and making business continuity plans, to limit risks and prepare for contingency plans in case things go wrong;
  7. Conducts audits of policy and compliance to standards, including liaison with internal and external auditors;
  8. Provides support, education and training to staff to build risk awareness within the organization.

Education and Experience: A degree in one of the following:

  • Civil/Mechanical/Electrical Engineering
  • Risk Management
  • Management or Business Studies

Postgraduate degrees are not mandatory, but will have an added advantage.

Experience: At least five years’ experience as risk analyst in a construction/financial organization/company. Candidate meeting the above criteria should lodge in their application not later than 15 July 2019 for the attention of: The Team Leader, Kazungula Bridge Consultants JV, DRTS Plot Kazungula Along A33, P.O. Box 1038, Kasane, BOTSWANA. Alternatively send signed CV to the following email address: