Establishment of ERB

The Engineers Registration Board (ERB) was established by an Act of Parliament with the primary objective of ensuring engineering work in Botswana is done for the public good.

The intention is to ensure that as engineering practitioners carry out their duties, they do so in a manner that does not endanger or jeopardize the public’s health, safety, funds, interest or anything else impacted.

As stipulated under Section 4A of the Engineers Act (Cap 61:06), the two main objectives are to:

  1. “promote the highest standards of engineering practice in Botswana” and to
  2. “protect the welfare and interest of the public in the engineering practice

Members of the public must be assured that as practitioners of engineering go about their business and create wealth for themselves and their families, they do so in a professional manner. Consumers of engineering services and products must also have confidence in the quality of the job being done and must be prepared to reward engineering practitioners well in accordance with the good job they would have done.


To protect the welfare and interest of the public by regulating activities and conduct of engineers, engineering technologists and engineering technicians as well as promoting the highest standards of engineering practice.


Ethical engineering practice


Assess applications for registration.

Register engineers and issue practicing certificates.

Monitor standards of engineering practice and ethics.

Conduct or authorize inquiries regarding any alleged professional misconduct of any engineer.

Prescribe the eligibility requirements for persons applying to be registered to practice engineering in Botswana.